Student Lounge

The CUS Lounge

Looking for a spot to study, hangout, or grab your daily dose of caffeine in between classes? Head over to the CUS Student Lounge! Located on the second floor of the Henry Angus building, the CUS Student Lounge is your dream study and community space.

Coffee Machine

Pool Table

The CUS Boardroom

Coffee Machine

The CUS Student Lounge now has a Nespresso coffee machine! Bring your own mug for a free cup of coffee first thing in the morning, in between classes, or before you dive into a long exam study session. Nespresso provides quality coffee that creates a positive impact. All aluminum capsules are collected by Nespresso and recycled, so that nothing goes to waste.

Lounge Etiquette

Let’s all work together to keep the lounge looking shiny and new. Whether you’re storing your lunch in the fridge, grabbing a cup of coffee, or snacking during your team meetings, it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself! We want all CUS students to be able to enjoy a tidy community space all year long.

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Office: Henry Angus Building, Room 239 Second Floor Student Lounge

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