The Annual ISAS Icebreaker is here!

SAUDER IS HOT TO GO – H-O-T-T-O-G-O… to ISAS” Icebreaker!

Come one, come all! Join us on August 22nd – for a kick start event held by Sauder”s one and only multicultural club – International Student Association of Sauder (ISAS)!

Are you a first year student? A transfer student? An international student? A Sauderite? Or none of the above? That”s alright! – if you have nothing to do on a summer night, we welcome everyone of you with open arms!

Get a head start, get connected, get involved! ISAS” Annual Ice Breaker will be your first resource to involvement and networking opportunities in Sauder. You will have a chance to meet your future peers (a.k.a. competition), Mr. Smartypants, Ms. Sorority/cheerleader/party animal, your personal UBC tour guide, or maybe even your university sweetheart.

Come with EspanolAs a parent, you have control over the personal information top health insurance companies collect online from your kids under 13. a great appetite and lightened spirit – for we have an event that”ll have people talking for the rest of the year! We will be holding games to “break the ice” and showing off UBC”s biggest and brightest talented performers. And who doesn”t love free food and prizes?

So why wait for longer? Sign up now through the link provided to guarantee a spot! CA Hall (Main floor of Henry Angus) gets crowded fast every year by this event! What better way to meet new people or be introduced?

Please note that our event is scheduled according to the Jumpstart program. So the Jumpstart keeners! “I am busy” will not be a valid excuse for yourself to not come and join the crew!

You definitely don”t want to miss out – a perfect start to a new school year!


Don”t be intimidated by the “international” in our name! We don”t bite, we welcome everyone!

Local students, it”s your first chance to meet all the other people coming in from Surrey, Burnaby, Coq, Port Moody, errywhere! You also get to meet many of our incoming first years from all over the world!

International students, you get to meet the beautiful and awesome people of British Columbia!

That”s right, our ice breaker will be your first resource for involvement and development opportunities in Sauder. You will have a chance to meet your future study buddies, competitors, guides, maybe even your first college crush.







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Founded in 2005 by a group of students at the Sauder School of Business to resist the faculty's plan on tuition increase, the International Student Association of Sauder (ISAS) has evolved to become one of the most premier organizations within the University of British Columbia (UBC). Rebranded in 2015 to SISA (Sauder International Student Association), the organization represents over 800 international students at the Sauder School of Business. SISA aims to unite international students and promote global citizenship as well as cross-cultural awareness among all students at the Sauder School of Business and the wider UBC community.